Since its foundation, but especially under the administration of the Lazarists, the Irish College has been much more than a seminary. The Congregation of the Mission, in addition to fostering an educational environment, succeeded in cultivating a real spirit of charity in these places.

According to Charles Ouin-La-Croix, "the military hospital [of 1870] helped the college as much as the college helped the hospital. By doing good, the college helped itself."

The decision by the college's leadership to open its doors meant it could satisfy both its interests and its mission of hospitality. By offering up its buildings to charitable and humanitarian causes, the college continued to serve the core of the Congregation's ministry. This strategy also spared the college from the threat of requisition by the army and protected it despite the war's unstable conditions.

Thanks to this exhibition, unique documents from the Historical Archives of the Centre Culturel Irlandais reveal entire swaths of the College's history that were not very well known until recently.

Irish College staff in 1868